SPSS: Step-by-Step Guide

Find notes for 19 different tests with pictures of steps, output and interpretations in APA style.

Descriptive Statistics (Free Access)
Inferential Statistics & Decision Maker (Free Access)
Normality (Free Access)
Correlation (Free Access)
Regression (Free Access)
Independent Samples T Test (Free Access)
Mann Whitney U Test (Free Access)
Paired Samples T Test (Free Access)
Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test (Free Access)
One Way ANOVA (Free Access)
Kruskal Wallis U Test (Free Access)
Two Way ANOVA (Free Access)
Three Way ANOVA (Free Access)
Repeated Measures ANOVA (Free Access)
Friedman’s ANOVA (Free Access)
MANOVA (Free Access)
ANCOVA (Free Access)
MANCOVA (Free Access)
Chi Square (Free Access)

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