These videos are primarily for the preparation for the NET exam, however, they are explaining all the major concepts and can be helpful for anyone studying psychology.

Stereotype, Prejudice, Discrimination and Group Dynamics (Free Access)

Attention (Free Access)

Sensation (Free Access)

Perception (Free Access)

Memory (Free Access)

Forgetting (Free Access)

Cognitive Psychology (Free Access)

Learning (Free Access)

Nervous System Part I (Free Access)

Nervous System Part II (Free Access)

Peripheral Nervous System (Free Access)

Spinal Cord (Free Access)

Brain (Free Access)

Brain lateralization (Free Access)

Behaviour & Genetics (Free Access)

Endocrine System (Free Access)

Psychometric Theories of Intelligence (Free Access)

Cognitive Theories of Intelligence (Free Access)

Measurement of IQ (Free Access)

Creativity (Free Access)

Motivation I (Free Access)

Motivation II (Free Access)

Motivation III (Free Access)

Emotion (Free Access)

Positive Psychology (Free Access)

Social Cognition (Free Access)

Attitude and social influence (Free Access)

Impression management (Free Access)

Obedience, Prosocial behaviour, Aggression (Free Access)

History of Social Psychology (Free Access)

Research (Free Access)

Research Design (Free Access)

Sampling (Free Access)

Reliability & Validity (Free Access)

Scales of Measurement (Free Access)

Speed and Power Test (Free Access)

Descriptive Stats (Free Access)

Inferential Stats (Free Access)

Correlation (Free Access)

Chi Square (Free Access)

Psychoanalysis Therapy (Free Access)

Psychoanalysis Theory (Free Access)

Jung & Adler (Free Access)

Client Centered Therapy (Free Access)

Gestalt Therapy (Free Access)

Psychopathology (Free Access)

Principles of Development (Free Access)

Physical Development (Free Access)

Cognitive Development – Piaget (Free Access)

Cognitive Development – Vygotsky (Free Access)

Language Development (Free Access)

Moral Development (Free Access)

Topics Covered Include:

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