MANOVA (Free Access)


Used if

  • Data is normally distributed
  • Multiple dependent variables
  • Multiple independent variable(s)
  • Method:
    • Analyze
    • General Linear Modeling
    • Multivariate
    • Dependent variables in the dependent list
    • Independent variable(s) in the fixed factor
    • Multivariate
  • Options
  • Click on the IV under Factors and Factor interactions and move to display means for:
  • Select descriptive stats, estimate of effects and Observed Power
  • Click on Post hoc, move the variable to Post hoc test for and select Bonferroni
  • Continue
  • Ok


  • Check the Wilk’s Lambda score in the Multivariate test box for the IV. If significant, it indicates that there are significant differences between IV and DV’s
    • For specific differences look at Test of Between Subject Effects or Multiple comparisons and check significant scores for the same.