Independent T Test (Free Access)

Independent Samples t-test

  • First, assess the Normality of the variable in terms of groups.
  • If both data are normal then:
    • Analyze
    • Compare means
    • Independent t-test
    • Input the test variable
    • Input the grouping variable (the group where you want differences)
      • Define groups


  • Look at Levene’s Test for Equality of Variances first where two options are available
    • Equal variances assumed
    • Equal variances are not assumed
    • To know which row to choose, check the value of F in Levene’s Test for Equality of  Variances and its significance.
    • If the value of F is significant (value less than 0.05), we will take the scores on equal variance is not assumed (lower row)
    • If the value is not significant (value more than 0.05), equal variance is assumed (upper row)
    • After choosing the row, look for the significance of the t-test.
    • If it is significant then the t score indicates the difference between the two independent groups.