ANCOVA (Free Access)


  • Used if the data for the variables
    • Is normally distributed,
    • Consists of independent samples,
    • Has 1 Dependent Variable
    • 2 or more Independent Variables with 2 or more groups each for comparison
    • If the researcher wants to control one variables effect on the others (covariate)
    • Method:
    • Analyze
    • General Linear Model
      • Univariate
    • Dependent variable  in the dependent list
    • Independent variables in the fixed factor
    • Add covariate in the covariate box
  • Options
    • Click on the IV under Factors and Factor interactions and move to display means for:
    • Select descriptive stats, estimate of effects and homogeneity test
    • Continue
  • Ok


  • See the table test of between-subjects effects
    • Read along the IV row and see if the data is significant. If it is, then it indicates that there are group differences between the IV when controlling for the effects of the covariates