Informed Consent

Psychotherapy is a way to help people experiencing significant emotional distress that is coming in the way of them being physically well, enjoying personal relationships or working productively.
I understand that video consultation has its own limitations as compared to in-person sessions and some details could potentially be missed out despite the psychotherapist’s best efforts.
I understand that tele-psychotherapy services are by appointment only and that these consultations are not suitable for help during a crisis or emergency.
I understand that the psychotherapist contacted during a set appointment would evaluate my need and context and guide me about the most suitable option for psychological intervention in that context (tele psychotherapy/ in-person psychotherapy/ crisis intervention/ emergency services).
I understand that the psychotherapist would use their professional discretion to provide required recommendations about the type of professional service that may be required at any given point of time. At the same time, I agree to not hold my psychotherapist responsible, should any adverse events, such as lack of improvement, deterioration or situations of potential risk of harm to self or others, occur during video/ consultation. I understand that in such situations I may be advised to obtain treatment at the nearest available mental health or emergency service.
I understand that this video consultation is strictly confidential. I agree to use a secure line/connection for these consultations, in a relatively quiet and private space. I also undertake that the proceedings of these consultations are not to be recorded, shared or disseminated by me or my relatives / other contacts to any third person or through social media. However, despite safety measures taken, there are chances for breach in security in technology. In such instances, both client and psychotherapist will not hold the other responsible for the breach.
I understand that my consent expressed online would suffice for me to receive telepsychotherapy services.
I understand that my psychotherapist will discuss the tele and options that are available and suitable and that we will decide on what to use, considering my preference as well as the suitability of an option as assessed by my psychotherapist.
I hereby provide my informed consent for video consultations for tele-psychotherapy at One Stop Psychology. The contents of this form have been explained to me in a language that I understand. After reading/listening to and understanding all of the above, I give my consent for therapy (Go back to the book now option and check the box).